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Massage in North York

Woman receiving massageIf you’re looking for a way to relieve pain, alleviate tension and enjoy an overall feeling of better well-being, Bayview Chiropractic Clinic has the options for you. Massage therapy is one of the healing solutions we offer. It’s a fantastic way to deal with overused, tight muscles. Whether you have an old injury or are trying to fight off the stresses of life, massage can help you get there.

Therapeutic Massage

The type of massage therapy offered at our office is a therapeutic type. Rather than a light touch, it takes a deeper approach, getting to the muscle fibers of the body to make sure that you can heal. The areas of your body massage can address include arms, legs, back, neck, hands and arms.

The benefits of massage you can experience include increased blood flow and reduced restrictions, adhesions and scar tissues in the muscles and ligaments of the body.

Extended Health Plan Information

If your extended health plan covers chiropractic, it will also cover massage. You do not need to be a chiropractic patient, however, to get a massage at our office. Note that your plan has a limit for massage therapy every year.

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